About Us

Medovent Solutions is the nation’s leading provider for interim consulting services within Clinical Documentation Integrity, Health Information Management & Coding, Case Management/Utilization Management, and Cancer & Trauma Registry services.

The recent partnership with Bulwark Health assures that our combined go-to-market approach to Outpatient CDI provides the ideal balance of technology and industry leader expertise. Together, we can simplify workflows, comprehend KPIs based on productivity standards, and maintain a precise emphasis on compliance, resulting in reliable ROI results.

Our focus on evolving the way our services are delivered can be seen by our recent Power BI Integration with our Review Mate auditing software. This integration allows Medovent Solutions to provide our clients with customized dashboards for real time transparent quality audit scores.

Medovent Solutions was founded with one reason in mind, applying the true concept of world-class customer service to our consultant and client relationships.

Medovent Solutions is dedicated to our consultant & client partnerships, and we feel the best place to start is by establishing your trust. We provide the foundation for building that trust in our focus on compliance and holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Our goal is to identify consultants with a comprehensive and diverse background that have a passion to be a part of something more. Medovent Solutions is keen on listening to our consultants interests' and what's important to them, by taking an interest in their lifestyle, family life, and surrounding community.

The Medovent Mission

To transform the idea of healthcare services by focusing on the highest standards of quality for our clients, while maintaining world-class customer care for our employees.

Community Partnerships

Established in 2019, each year Medovent Solutions partners with local hospitals to donate hundreds of toy bags for kids who are in need of a smile.

Metropolitan Ministries
Volunteer Day 2022

Medovent Solutions
Charity 5K 2022